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03 September 2022

Getting the Right Sized Sheet of Acrylic

First, I start with a whole sheet of acrylic and cut it down to size. The dimensions of the newly cut sheet will depend on what is being made.

In this scenario, I need a sheet that is 22cm (H) X 60cm (L).

Cutting the Designs

My Designer Stands have four different files that need to be cut. Depending on the colourway, I might need up to four different coloured sheets of material.

In this example I need three different pieces of material:

  • Right and Left Side Pieces - Matte Black
  • Top Base Piece - Mirror Blue
  • Bottom Base Piece - Gloss Black

Cleaning Up the Off-Cuts

Assembling the Base Piece

For all the Stands I sell, I assemble the base pieces to make life easier for the end-user.

Admittedly , it is time consuming because there are several steps required:

  1. Peel off the protective film
  2. Align pieces in the correct orientation
  3. Install 8x M3 Screws into the acrylic

Packing the Hardware

Quite a bit of hardware needs to be arranged; I usually do this while the Laser Machine is running.

Packing and Counting:

  • Adhesive Rubber Padding - Pack of Ten
  • M4 Screws - Pack of Four
  • M4 Nylon Standoff - Pack of Four
  • M6 Screws - Pack of Four
  • M6 Standoffs - Pack of Two

Once all the parts have been arranged, I finally get to wrap and pack everything together.

In the future, I aim to have correctly sized boxes to package my Stands into. Currently, the total package weighs roughly 400g.

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