Keyboard Enthusiast Based in Brisbane, Australia.

Idyllic Mod Station

My casual, compact and cosy approach to switch lubing

Why do people willingly force themselves to lube switches till they ache?

I’ve designed this tool specifically for people who aren’t privileged with too much free time.

It’s always a risk when introducing a product that “goes against the grain” and contrasts people’s expectations; the expectation to complete “70 switches” in a sitting has become normalised. Traditionally, people will dedicate a few hours out of their day to finish a batch of switches; usually a few hours before bed or when they have free time on their weekend.

My mod station is enticing to use because not only is it visually appealing, the practicality of having cutout locations for all the switch components makes the experience less intimidating and chaotic; it gives the user a sense of control and reassurance that nothing is missing or lost.

Rather than stress and loathe the experience, I want people who use my design to relax and enjoy themselves; some time out of their busy day where they can have some peace and calmness.

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