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Butterfly Switch Puller


[IN PROGRESS - Late Updated - 10th of August 2023]

The Design

This is a premium keycap puller, but for the sake of simplicity and airport-customs, it is also called the “High Precision Specialised Wire Tool with Elongated Handles.” There is no blade, and this is not a weapon; this accessory is a wire-tool used for removing keycaps off Computer Keyboards. The folding handle design allows for improved safe-keeping and minimises the risk of accidental damage to the wires.

When will it be purchasable?

I plan to release the first batch of pullers in August, 2023. This timeline lines up with the Melbourne keyboard meetup and I would like to have some on display during the day. If the design is popular enough, I’ll consider in-stock drops every 2-3 months with different colourways each time. When I get bored and want to sell-out, I’ll make weeb edition pullers with anime waifus or something.



  • Learning Fusion 360 [Zero prior 3D CAD experience]
  • Researching Balisong designs [Squid Industries, ect on Instagram/Reddit]
  • Planning hardware and components needed
  • Rough project roadmap and cost approximation for feasibility analysis


  • Finish Rev 1 Design


  • Searching Alibaba for manufacturers
  • Blade and Wires [Enquiries for Quotations]
  • Handles [Enquiries for Quotations]


  • Order placed for Handles at a familiar CNC factory #1
  • Handles [Minimum MOQ of 10x Handles purchased] [6x Black and 4x Raw]


  • Handles shipped via Sea Freight with other goods


  • Started R2 Design - learning more Fusion360 [Lofts and Surfacing Techniques]
  • More Research and Development [Moving away from Stainless Steel Wires to a more premium material]
  • Re-designed Wire Shape [More rounded design to match the roundness of R2 Handles]


  • Finished Rev 2 Design and ordering parts - Round 2
  • Blade [Order Placed] [25x Silver and 25x Black units from familiar CNC factory #2]
  • Handles [Pending Order Placement]
  • Wires [Pending Order Placement]
  • Hardware [Pending Quote]
  • Boxes [Order Placed] [20x Black, 20x White, 10x Light Blue]


  • Handles [Order Placed] [50 units]
  • Wires [Order Placed] [50x Black and 50x Silver Nitinol Wires]
  • Hardware [Order Placed] [Bushings, Washers, Pivot Barrels and Pivot Screws]


  • Most parts have finished production and are shipping via Sea Freight
  • Nitinol Wires + Handles are still in production (Will send via Air Freight)


  • Nitinol Wires + Handles arrived to me in Australia.


  • Blade, Boxes, Bushing and Hardware arrived to me in Australia. Sea Freight was delayed by 1 week due to a Typhoon.

Completed Balisong Butterfly Puller