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Designer Keyboard Stands

Eye-Catching Hardware that Boasts a Distinctive Look

Sturdy Stylish Keyboard Stands

Designed to be used regularly, this keyboard stand is intentionally excessive and eccentric. Lots of consideration has been put into the aesthetics and construction of Designer Stand, with the focus being on limitless creativity rather than fulfilling the simple role of utility.

Designer Stands sit very low on the table and the middle acrylic section provides a perfect place to grab when making slight adjustments to positioning.

This design uses custom produced aluminum standoffs which have been anodised a dark, black colour. Common standoffs found on Aliexpress don’t come in large diameters because there is no mainstream use-case to justify its production. The existing keyboard stands I’ve seen using thinner standoffs look frail and anemic.

I decided not to skimp-out and get custom rods made because I wanted Designer Stands to look and feel premium.

My stands will always come with adhesive rubber to help protect keyboards as they rest. The rubber strips are also custom requested and produced specifically for my use-case.


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