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Acrylic EXT65 Keyboards

Open-Sourced and Idyllic’s own design

Open-Sourced Project with Aeboards

I helped the AEboard’s team create 2D Illustrator and DXF files for open-source purposes.

As there are many enthusiasts around the world, not just in Australia, it’s more cost effective for the consumer to produce an acrylic case via methods more convenient and nearby to them, rather than paying international shipping fees.

The files can be used as a reference to adjust and expand upon, or simply be made using a laser cutter.

It was decided that the design should use commonly-found and minimal amounts of hardware. The case is constructed using multiple M3, 21mm screws and nuts located along the perimeter.

In addition to providing an open sourced case design; I produced and sold another design on the Treehouse. The design differentiates itself by using different hardware and larger bezels.