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Krytox 105 Oil For Springs is a Waste

05 April 2021

My Opinion - Using Krytox 105 on Springs

When using a fluid for spring lubrication, it’s ideal to find something that is both; not too liquid (high viscosity) and plastic safe. Water has a low viscosity and it is noticeably more fluid than a high viscosity fluid such as honey.

A higher viscosity is ideal when lubricating springs because a thicker oil helps keep the spring firmly in place while also easing spring friction against the bottom housing – ultimately minimising those unwanted “Crunch” and “Ping” sounds. A lower viscosity oil will struggle to keep the spring from moving and rubbing against the housing when there is lots of abrupt motion.

I’d happily argue that Krytox 105 can easily be substituted for a countless amount of alternatives simply because the act of lubing springs is extremely straightforward, with minimal amounts of factors influencing the result. There are minimal surfaces actually experiencing “spring friction”, with a spring’s primary function being to compress and decompress.

Costing near 4AUD per mL, Krytox 105 is ridiculously expensive for what it is, and is not cost effective for such a menial task. There are plastic safe, high viscosity oils which are objectively better and cost less than 1AUD per ML.

But if Krytox is so cost inefficient, why is it still being recommended and used? Krytox is a trusted brand name with countless amounts of vendor-sponsored content creators using and advertising Krytox products. Simply, there is no reason to search for an alternative as long as the “community” is happy paying and using a product. New people in the hobby aren’t likely to question trends and want to experience what everyone is experiencing; they see Krytox being used and advertised, they want to use Krytox.

Can You Justify the Community’s Love For Krytox?